Underwater PG's Competition Will Award $63,000 in Prizes


If you do any underwater photography, this is a contest you'll definitely want to get involved in.  There are plenty of reasons, including an impressive panel of judges and the prestige associated with winning a contest.  There is also $63,000 worth of prizes being given out.

Among the top prizes are 25 different liveabroad and scuba diving resort packages, a 12 day outing on the Arenui Boutique, 9 days on the Solmar V and an 18 day trip to Papua New Guinea that includes an outing on the Febrina. 

You can enter in 11 different categories, including wide angle, macro, marine life behavior, marine life portrait, underwater model and novice DSLR.  You'll need to pay a $10 entry fee per photograph and be ready to send the RAW or JPG image straight from your camera on request.

The Underwater Photography Guide contest will be judged by Chris Newbert, Marty Snyderman, Martin Edge and Bonnie Pelnar - all experienced and well respected underwater photographers.