UK Camera Retailer Jessops Will Close All Stores

Last week we heard the news that the UK camera retailer Jessops was entering administration - basically bankruptcy - and that the company's website had shut down the sale of cameras. The news was dire, but it seemed like Jessops would pull out of it and survive, if in a more limited form. Sadly this was not the case.

Jessops has closed all 187 of its stores, putting 1,370 people out of work. The company assures that thes employees will be paid for their help in closing up the stores and assist with the process. Jessops's inventory will be sent back to manufacturers, and that will be the end of the company's 78 year run.

This isn't the first camera chain that's run into hard times - Ritz cameras recently shut down all of its stores - and it doubtful that it will be the last. While online retailers thrive, it seems that specialty brick & mortar stores will become something of a rarity.

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