uClip Lowers Photo Clipping Prices to Under $2 an Image


Editing photos takes a long time, and clipping a single object from dozens of images can be a lot more trouble than it's worth.  But that's why outsourcing companies like uClip exist.  They'll take your image and create a clipping path to separate images of interest from backgrounds.

Once that clipping path is created, you can edit each piece separately, so you can move the object around and cut the background where needed.

uClip is all about simplicity.  If you want an image clipped with a 24 hour turnaround, it's $3.89.  It's $3.89 per image, no matter what kind of image and no matter how complex the object. "Our objective is to provide outsourcing that everybody can use and understand," says uClip's Kasper Larsen.

Today they announced a new 72 hour service that makes prices even cheaper.  If you don't need a next-day turnaround, uClip will charge under $2 for each image. 

It may not be practical for amateur photographers, but pros can often benefit from some quick assistance.  As a bonus, you can sign up at uClip's website and get one clipping free with no obligations.