Ubermind Releases First iPad Photo Editing App


If you've picked up any iPhone apps for photography, you've probably heard of Ubermind.  They're the guys behind some of the most popular iPhone photo apps, including Best Camera and Perfectly Clear, and now they've released the first iPad photo editing app.

Masque is a very cool, very simple photo editor for the iPad.  It uses the multi-touch functionality in ways not previously possible.  The best example is their multi-touch gradient tool.

 You can use a single finger to select where the gradient begins and ends, but you can get more complex with more fingers.  Pinching two fingers together contracts the gradient, using three controls the intensity and four fingers controls the size.

While the iPad doesn't have a camera built in natively, Ubermind's app 'Masque' is a simple way to get some basic photo editing done.  It's $5.99 and it's available for the iPad only.