Tzolkin Corporation Introduces Free Integrated Digital Photo Server and Free File and Photo Sharing Capability for All Users of the TZO Dynamic DNS Service

BOSTON--Jan. 16, 2003--Tzolkin Corporation, provider of the TZO Dynamic DNS Service, today announced the release of TZO Client Version 2.1. The new client includes the free TZO Photo Server software that allows TZO users to display digital photos online quickly and easily. It also provides a file sharing capability so others can download and print the photos at their original resolution.

A primary advantage of having a digital camera is that it provides the ability to put photos on a PC quickly and easily. Tzolkin's new TZO Photo Server software takes the process one step further and allows a TZO user to make digital photos available to anyone via the web. The TZO Photo Server automatically constructs web pages containing the photos and, with a few mouse clicks, displays them using the free TZO Web Server, also included in the TZO client software. Anyone anywhere in the world can then view the photos through a web browser. But if the TZO user prefers, the photos can be password protected, limiting access to the photos.

The TZO Dynamic DNS Service allows small businesses, associations, and individuals to run a web site, photo server, email server and more on their own systems and at their own locations whether they have a static or dynamic IP address. Having a dynamic IP address typically prevents users from running an Internet server. But the TZO service detects the user's current IP address and, when it changes, automatically updates the user's DNS record with the new IP address. The reliability of the TZO service is assured through a distributed dynamic DNS server system with redundant DNS servers in 5 different locations throughout North America.