Photographing Europe... in Homemade Houseboats!

2houseboat pilots.jpg
( Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz: Photography by Kevin McElvaney)

Two Collaborative artists, Claudius Schulze and Maciej Markowicz, are photographing their way through Europe... by sailing through its canals and rivers on two self-built tiny boathouses. The artists call them 2BOATS (√úbermut) and are traveling together from Hamburg to Paris. Schulze built the houseboat that they'll sleep in, which is a wooden pontoon-style houseboat with a roof deck, little garden and from the picture below, an outdoor hammock and disco ball. 

Ubermut houseboat.jpg
(Photography by Kevin McElvaney)

The other boat was built by Markowicz and it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. 

mirrored houseboat.jpg
(Photography by Kevin McElvaney)

The cool looking futuristic houseboat is covered in mirrors that will help the boat blend in and houses a fully functioning camera obscura that the artists are going to use to capture their trip along the river. The inside of the mirrored boat also doubles as a studio, so they can work while they're traveling. Both houseboats were made with reclaimed wood panels and a variety of old windows, which make's the sleeping boat look like a someone's art shed or greenhouse that they decided to put in the river. I guess it doesn't matter what's on top, right? As long as the bottom pontoon part is sound, they could probably have built the top out of old cars. 

(Photography by Kevin McElvaney)

The journey will take them on a big loop, from Hamburg to Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair, which showcases the work of up-and-coming talent. Then the artists make their way then onto the Paris Photo event, which dubs itself "the world's largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium" and returning back to Hamburg in time for the Hamburg Triennale of Photography in June.

How cool is this? To be able to literally just float from one country to another and take pictures along the way? These two dudes sure have life figured out. You can follow along with either of the artists work on Schulze's or Markowicz's Instagram pages or listen to a podcast they made about the uberbut project.