Two New In-Depth Reviews Added

PowerShot_S100_silver_angle_540x408.jpgJust in time for your holiday shopping, we've posted two new hands on reviews. First up is Canon's PowerShot S100. This pocket-powerhouse builds on the extremely popular PowerShot S95 from last year with some hefty upgrades that are sure to make just about any user smile; whether you're a noob or a pro. This one is packed with Canon's newer HS (High Sensitivity) system, which boasts a 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor, DIGIC 5 processor (6x more powerful than DIGIC 4), and a fast f/2.0 lens (at wide angle). The zoom range has been extended from 3.8 x to 5x, and Canon has even added built-in GPS. All of this is still packed in a pocket-sized shell that is now available in Silver and Black. For more details, check out our Canon PowerShot S100 review.

samsung_MV800_Front_open_550.jpgNext up we have Samsung's brand new MV800. This camera takes their Dual-View line to a new level, with a new label to boot. The MV800 is the first of a new series of Multi-View cameras from Samsung, that offer the same great versatility of a front facing LCD that was so popular on their Dual-View cameras; but with a slight twist. Instead of having a LCD mounted on the front, this model uses a single 3.0-inch display mounted on a hinge that lets you easily flip it up for a front facing viewfinder. From there, the camera works much like past models. The MV800 also boasts their newer app style GUI, with a nice touch screen interface that will make smart phone users feel right at home. See our Samsung MV800 review for the full scoop.