Two "6 in 1" USB Card Readers Reviewed

Many of us own more than one digicam and quite often they use very different types of flash media. So what do you do to make life simple? Buy a card reader that can handle more than just one type of flash card. We just reviewed two of the latest USB multi-card readers and both of them handle EVERY type of media used by digicams today.

The BUSlink 6 in 1 Data Banker has four independant card slots that are accessed as four removable drives and lets you transfer image data between the cards and the computer or between different types of cards.

The Dazzle 6in1 only has two card slots but still handles all six types (CompactFlash Type I and II, SmartMedia, Secured Digital, MuiltiMedia Card and Memory Stick) of memory devices. It installs as two removable drives and allows for transfering data to the computer and also between a CF I or II device and the other types of media.