Topaz Labs Unveils New Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology


"Removing noise is easy," says Dr. Albert Yang, one of the primary innovators behind the new tech.  "The real challenge is to also recover details obscured by the noise."

That's the goal of IntelliNoise, a new noise reduction technology from Topaz Labs.  It's the driving force between their Topaz DeNoize plug-in, the latest product from Topaz.

"IntelliNoise analyzes patterns in the entire image to discover underlying detail and to recover it in the final result," explains Yang.  It processes the photograph and the noise differently from other noise reduction techs, and Dr. Yang says it's a nice improvement.  "We've been very pleased with the positive reception of the technology among our beta testers."

If you already use Topaz DeNoize you can get the IntelliNoise absolutely free.  If not, you can pick it up for a retail price of $79.99.