Topaz Labs Releases Black and White Plug-in

The foks over at Topaz Lab have announced the availability of their latest Photoshop plug-in "Topaz B&W Effects." It's designed to give you the ability to enhance photographs quickly and efficiently.

"In addition to the common conversion tools, B&W Effects is packed with specialized exposure and contrast control, realistic toning ability, stylized effects and so much more," says marketing specialist Nichole Paschal. "B&W Effects also includes a variety of presets that offer a fun and simple way to create impressive imagery."

Topaz B&W Effects allows you to turn color pictures into black and white ones, but even more interesting, it can help you capture historically accurate black and white tones. Dr. He Yang, senior software designer at Topaz Labs, says that the engineers took real film scans and developed them into the software.

You can pick up Topaz B&W Effects for $29 until September 18, 2011 when the price goes up to $59. You can download a 30 day free trial or buy the program directly from Topaz Labs.