Topaz Announces a Major Update to DeNoise


The popular DeNoise plug-in from Topaz has gotten a pretty significant update that makes it not only friendlier to use, but also significantly more efficient.

"DeNoise 5 is twice as fast as its predecessor," explains Topaz president Albert Yang.  "It also introduces unique shadow tone restoration and dual-directional debanding capabilities, which enable photographers to solve additional problems caused by heavy noise."

Nichole Paschal from Topaz goes into further detail about the Correct Black Level parameter, which removes those hazy color casts you see in shadowy areas.  "It also eliminates both horizontal and vertical banding noise," she explains "often visible as lines that extend across high ISO images."

If you're already a DeNoise customer, you can get the update free.  If not, the going price is $79.99.  Until August 31st, you can get a $30 discount on the program by using the coupon code DOUBLESPEED at checkout.