Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera Captures 360 Shots When Sent Skyward

There's been an interesting new trend growing where people throw cameras into the air to see the resulting picture or video. Likewise, the ease of posting on the internet has made demand for unique and large-form panoramic shots increase.

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera is a combination between the two that could pave the way for something very interesting indeed. It uses 36 individual camera phone modules positioned evenly around the camera to take the pictures. And like the name implies, you grab the ball and chuck it into the air to get the full 360 degree photo effect. The shots aren't perfect by any means, but you're not going to find another option out there at the moment.

The camera is currently not available for purchase but its creators are working hard on finding an investor.

You can learn more about the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera at its project page.