Three Days Left to Enter the Meijer Awkward Photo Contest

Meijer-contest.jpgSure, much of the time you spend on the internet on a daily basis is productive. If not productive, it's at least substantial or informative, like watching a documentary on Netflix. Of course, other times you'll spend three hours looking at awkward family photos with your friends. Hey, we do it too - we don't blame you.

The folks at Meijer have decided to reward folks for their awkwardness by launching a contest that could win one lucky person free college tuition for a full year, up to a $20,000 value. If you're going to a community college it's a pretty nice setup, but if you're going somewhere a little fancier then you really should jump on this.

"There are more than 1,200 photos already posted and over 370,000 fans following the contest," says Meijer CMO Kevin Brown, "which clearly demonstrates that emerging media provides an effective avenue to engage our customer of the future in both a fun and strategic way."

The contest ends on August 27th, so make sure you swing on over to Meijer on Facebook and enter your photo now.