Those Ansel Adams Negatives May Have Been Taken by "Uncle Earl"


Last week we brought you the story of a lucky man who may have found some Ansel Adams negatives at a garage sale.  Well, as cool as that story was, it turns out that the photos may have been taken by a man named Earl Brooks.

When Mariam Walton saw a story about the supposed Ansel Adams negatives, she recognized one of them immediately as a photo taken by her uncle Earl back in 1923.  The photo provided by Walton is an almost exact match for the one being held up as an Ansel Adams, but with some slight movements in the clouds.

The shadows almost exactly the same, the amount of leaves on the tree in the photo is a match, and the position that the photo was taken in is the same.  The difference of the clouds means that Walton's photograph isn't from the alleged Ansel Adams negative but from a picture taken just a minute or two before or after.