Think Tank's Glass Limo Keeps Your Largest Lenses Safe

Glass Limo.jpgShooting with 500mm and 600mm lenses is a privilege that few of us get to enjoy, but those that do are faced with a bit of a problem once the fun is over with - transportation of an incredibly expensive lens. The folks at Think Tank have a new bag made just for these lenses and they've aptly named it The Glass Limo.

The Glass Limo is able to carry a 600mm lens on its own or a 500mm lens with a pro-sized body attached. It's designed to be easy to carry thanks to the contoured harness, but there's another feature that will please some photographers even more. The Glass Limo is made to meet most airline carry-on requirements, so you can stay next to your expensive glass throughout your flight.

The Glass Limo is available now and is priced right around $200.