Think Tank Releases Hydrophobia Rain Covers

Think Tank Photo has announced the release of a pair of seam-sealed rain covers for 70-200 and smaller lenses. Hydrophobia covers have an advantage over other covers in that they're incredibly simple to use.

Doug Murdoch, CEO and lead designer of Think Tank Photo explains "The problem with other covers is that holes have to be cut into the top of the cover, and then using a special camera strap, the user has to unclip the camera strap from the camera, feeding it through the top of the cover."

The Hydrophobia 70-200 is different. It automatically transfers the weight to the rain cover when installed. It can be carried by the normal camera strap, or by the strap that buckles under the lens. It's got side arm holes so you can get in and switch out memory cards and adjust the focus.

Think Tank boasts that the Hydrophobia is ten times as water resistant as other covers, since it uses a film coating on the inside of the cover, rather than a spray coating. Additionally, water proof tape has been added to all seams for an extra layer of protection.

The Hydrophobia 70-200 is available for $139, and is designed to work with SLRs with 70-200 lenses or smaller. The Hydrophobia 70-200 Flash will only run you a few dollars more with an MSRP of $145.