Think Tank Announces Logistics Manager Rolling Case

Logistics Manager.jpeg
The folks at Think Tank have announced the release of their first ever rolling camera case.  The Logistics Manager rolling case is big.  Its internal dimensions measure 13.75" x 27.5" x 10" which allow it to carry just about everything you could need.  Obviously it's got room for plenty of cameras and lenses, but it's got room for lighting gear as well.

Because security is a concern, the Logistics Manager offers it in three different ways.  To start with, you've got a TSA combination lock to secure the main zipper.  You've got a rear security cable and combination lock too, which lets you lock it down to immovable objects.  

Lastly, it's got a security ID plate that you can register online so it can be returned to the rightful owner if lost or stolen. The Logistics Manager rolling case is available now with a list price of $599.