The Zeus Printer From HP Will Sport a Detachable Tablet

HP's latest printer, the Zeus, is a highly capable photo printer that does just about everything you could ask. It's not the printer, though, that's getting people excited - it's what comes with it.

For your $400 investment, you'll get a nice printer, the cables that come with it, some ink, a bit of paper, and a detachable tablet that can function as an e-reader. It's that last bit that's really drawing attention.

The tablet is named the Zeen and it comes preloaded with HP's own custom interface on an Android operating system. You'll be able to print, edit photos, and change your settings directly from the tablet, but it can do a lot more than just play nice with a printer.

The included Zeen includes Barnes & Noble integration, which has people speculating about the option of printing out e-books. You can also grab pictures from your Facebook, Yahoo or Snapfish account and print directly from there.

HP hasn't given full specifications on the tablet yet, though they have said that the Zeen will be available separately at an as of yet undisclosed price.