The Xperia Z Smartphone Outdoes Advertized Specs and Shoots at 14 FPS

Sony-Xperia Z.jpgTypically, when we read a spec sheet on a new piece of gear, we expect not to quite reach the level of performance noted (e.g. battery life, frame rate, etc.). Manufacturer testing is, after all, done in prime conditions. The Xperia Z is different. The published specifications for the camera phone boast 10fps shooting, but in reality it hits as high as 14fps.

The folks over at Geek tested the phone's 13MP camera and found that Sony had actually underestimated the phone. In Geek's video, the Xperia Z captures 999 images in 68 seconds - just over 14 a second. The phone is expected to hit shelves next month.


(via PetaPixel)