The US Bans Digitally Manipulated Ads

Ad banned.jpg

Just how much digital manipulation - Photoshopping in the common tongue - is allowed to be done on a photo before it stops being a picture and starts being computer generated art has been a source of debate in the photography world.  Digital manipulation can be deceitful when considering the skills of a photographer, but when it comes to advertising, it's a flat out lie.

The UK started banning heavily edited ads and now the National Advertising Division in the US is taking action.  The group has just banned a CoverGirl ad for painting an unrealistic expectation of what the product could deliver.  The ad, which is advertising mascara, features a model with digitally enhanced eyelashes.

The NAD says that digitally enhanced images that advertise a product will be held to a higher standard and that a simple small-print disclosure on the page isn't enough to keep consumers informed.

(via PetaPixel)