The SiOnyx Aurora Can See Everything You Do in the Dark, In Full Color.

(breakdown of SiOnyx Aurora Cam)

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark in full color? Well, now maybe you can. Night Vision Tech company SiOnyx has announced a new action cam called the Aurora, and the company claims it will make you want to throw away your GoPro as the Aurora can shoot full-color footage and stills in conditions where the light measures 0.001lux.

The Aurora can also be used in daylight as a regular camera but they claim their success has to do with their custom sensor that's almost four times bigger than most "night vision" sensors. 

The new camera has a 1" sensor with .9 million custom, laser-produced pixels. With the Aurora, SiOnyx may have just invented the first real night vision camera. A camera that sees the world the same with no light as it does with real light. They also know who their immediate competition is and have produced several comparison videos where they juxtapose footage of their new Aurora against a GoPro Hero. Footage like this:

That's really impressive, and I can see the applications of a product like this that could far outstretch the action camera market. What about putting them on glasses and helping people with night blindness? Or in a HUD for your car if you're driving in the country with no street lights? Or even just security cameras. Imagine how safe you'd feel if you could see your entire home and yard in the dark with daylight clarity on a monitor? 

This camera looks capable of producing viewable images in what would look like complete darkness to the human eye. That's a bold claim, but one that could change the way we see the world if it's true. 

The SiOnyx is available for pre-order at their official site for a discounted price of $719 dollars. Regular price will be $799 dollars. 

Source: SiOnyx


SiOnyx Announces World's First Day/Night Action Camera For Consumer Market, Turns Night Into Full-Color Daylight

Aurora Features OLED Display, Ip67-Grade Waterproofing and AR-Compatibility; Compass, GPS & WiFi Built-In With iOS and Android Apps, Retails at $799

SiOnyxTM (Beverly, MA), a leader in infrared imaging technology - today announced the official launch for the SiOnyx AuroraTM, the only HD action video camera with true day and night color imaging. SiOnyx Aurora is just under 8 ounces and sized to fit comfortably in one hand for easy operation.

Available in August direct from SiOnyx at at a retail price of $799, Aurora is based on the SiOnyx Ultra Low Light technology that is protected by more than 40 patents and until now was only available in the highest-end night vision optics costing tens of thousands of dollars. This identical technology has now been cost-reduced for use in Aurora and other upcoming devices from SiOnyx and its partners.

SiOnyx has developed a new semiconductor process that dramatically enhances the infrared sensitivity of silicon-based imaging. Its ultra low-light technology enables richly-defined color images and video during the day and twilight, combined with unmatched high-resolution viewing in near total darkness. Sample videos as well as images may be found at

Through the free companion apps on iOSTM and Android®, you can review your experiences in real-time or control the Aurora directly from your phone. Designed for an active outdoor lifestyle, Aurora is also fully certified with an IP67 waterproof rating.

Aurora offers transformative night video for a wide range of uses including boating, hunting, fishing, nature watching, emergency response and other activities where clear night-vision is of importance. A removable neck strap allows you to keep it accessible on any adventure. Aurora uses GPS combined with an accelerometer and compass to accurately guide your way, day or night.

"Outdoor enthusiasts play day and night; capturing those adventures doesn't need to stop when the sun goes down," said Stephen Saylor, President and CEO of SiOnyx. "Aurora's unique Ultra Low Light technology enables night video that people will swear was taken in full daylight."

About SiOnyx:

Founded in 2006 by Professor Eric Mazur and Dr. James Carey of Harvard University, SiOnyxTM has commercialized a patented semiconductor process that dramatically enhances the sensitivity of silicon-based photonics. SiOnyx's platform represents a significant breakthrough in the development of smaller, lower cost, high-performing photonic devices in applications ranging from simple light detection to advanced digital imaging and more. The company markets its low-light technology under the XQETM family of CMOS images sensors and has also entered the consumer electronics market with the launch of the Aurora day/night action camera.