The Season Finale of House was Filmed Entirely on a Canon 5D Mark II


This season of House will be wrapping up on May 17th, and even more exciting than anything the good doctor has been getting up to is the way it was filmed.  Rather than using a series of expensive high definition or film cameras, the season finale was recorded entirely on a Canon 5D Mark II.

Greg Yaitanes, the director of the show, confirmed this on Twitter and answered a series of questions.  More than he's been able to get to, in fact.

According to Yaitanes, the choice to use the 5D was based on the look of video filmed by a DSLR.  It's got a shallower focus that pulls the actors' faces forward.  He used all the Canon prime lenses, as well as a 24-70 and 70-200 zoom lens, which created a few difficulties. 

"Focus was hard with these lenses, but more "cine-style" lenses are being made as we speak," wrote Yaitanes.  Most of the shooting was done in a handheld style, but occasionally small tripods were used for specific shots.

When asked for his feelings on shooting with DSLRs, Yaitanes said that the DSLR style camera can create a look that he quite likes.  "I loved it," he wrote, "and I feel it's the future."