The Samsung Galaxy Camera Comes to AT&T on November 16th

Galaxy-ATT.jpgSmartphones are currently dominating the space when it comes to low priced cameras, but they don't have the image quality that most photogs are really looking for. Point-and-shoots may take better photos, but most of them can't upload to Facebook on the go or let you edit your photos. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is made to succeed where the others fail.

The Galaxy Camera isn't a smartphone, but it has Android functionality with their 4.1 Jelly Bean OS insatlled. It also uses 4G connectivity, which means uploading is quick and painless. It utilizes a 16MP CMOS sensor and a 21x optical zoom lens - something you're not going to find on your smartphone, or most cameras of this size for that matter.

Samsung has also released the source code so that programmers and developers can start making their own software for the phone. And of course, there's much talk of enabling phone calls through the Galaxy Camera, which we'll almost certainly see a hack for soon.

The Galaxy Camera will be available on AT&T November 16 at a price of $499, and they have various data plans available. Check out the AT&T press release for more pricing details.