The Photo Bus: Using Classic VW Buses as Unique Photo Booths

If you're living in St. Louis, Kansas City, El Paso, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Cincinnati, or Atlanta, you may know what The Photo Bus is. For the rest of you, I want you to imagine a freshly restored 1970s Volkswagen bus driving around your city. You may see them from time to time, but they're becoming pretty rare, and it's doubtful you'll see one as rare as one of The Photo Buses.

John and his wife Cate founded The Photo Bus in 2012, which combines two passions of John's; restoring vintage VWs and photography. What better way to merge these passions than to create mobile photo booths out of these classic VWs, that travel around cities all over the US, creating a fun and unique way to capture occasions like weddings, parties, corporate events, etc. While John and his wife created the business, it looks to be setup like a franchise, with each location's Photo Bus having different owners. So, if you just happen to have a fresh 1970's bus laying around, there may be an opportunity here.

The buses are equipped with Nikon or Canon DSLRs to capture that perfect moment, which are triggered by the passengers of The Photo Bus with a handy remote shutter release. The vans include various props, and over 20 backgrounds to ensure they can be setup for just about any occasion. And, John and his team want to make sure everyone gets a copy of their group photo, with built-in, high-speed Dye-Sub printers installed in every van. They can even include your event or company logo in the prints.

All in all, John and his wife Cate have created a very cool photo business, one that not only photographers can appreciate, but also us vintage VW lovers. Be sure to visit The Photo Bus website to find a bus near you, and then contact its owners for a quote to bring a bus to your special event.