The Phantom v1610 Camera Shoots at One Million Frames Per Second

Don't even act like you're not absolutely fascinated by the possibilities of shooting video at a ridiculous million frames per second. The new Phantom v1610 is capable of those speeds and you can bet we'll be seeing some really amazing things coming from it in the near future.

To get that million frames per second, you'll need to settle for a resolution of 126 x 16, so it's not exactly practical. Besides, as the folks at PetaPixel point out, a second of video at one million frames per second would take nine hours and 15 minutes to watch - not a great way to spend your day.

Full resolution for the camera is 1280 x 800 which lets you capture around 16,000 frames a second. Dropping down slightly to 720p will get you over 18,000 frames in a single second. Watching back at 30 frames a second, it'll take around ten minutes to watch that, which should be slow enough for even the neediest high-speed shooter.

(via PetaPixel)