The Phantom 4 Pro; DJI's Latest Addition to Their Renowned Line of Aerial Video/Photo Drones

Upgrading their most popular drone model, DJI has released the Phantom 4 Pro with a few fantastic upgrades. They have improved upon the original obstacle avoidance system by adding three sets of visual systems to the drone. They allow the drone to map out a path by itself to keep it safe while flying, and even help it take off and land in appropriate places. With the obstacle avoidance on, it can travel up to 30mph or up to 45mph in sport mode without the avoidance system. Within one minute of losing a GPS signal, the drone will automatically return to the last connection point and await user instruction; ensuring you don't have a runaway drone.

The Phantom 4 Pro sports a 1", 20-Megapixel imaging sensor that provides outstanding resolution and quality for photographers and videographers alike. The sensor can give you almost 12 stops of dynamic range for detail in both the bright and dark areas of your images. Video recording is 4K up to 60fps with a max bitrate of 100Mbps with the H.265 video compression, giving you the best quality imaginable on a drone.

A new controller offers easier aviation with some auto-flight features that will increase your creative shooting while still keeping your Phantom 4 Pro safe. AutoTrack can recognize common subjects and follow them with while maintaining camera focus. They have added three new modes: New Circle, Profile and Spotlight. A route can even be drawn on the controller for the drone to follow.

Lastly, flight range has been improved, with DJI noting the P4 Pro can fly up 4 miles. This is aided by an updated battery pack, which gives the P4 Pro up to 30 minutes of flight time. Pricing is set at $1499 US with the standard transmitter, or $1799 with the new high luminance display remote controller.

Check out DJI's website for additional information.