The Pentax K-30 is Now Available in a Variety of Colors

K30-colors.jpgWe're suckers for customization when it comes to camera gear and the folks at Pentax tend to do well in that department. Their K-30 can now be had in 15 new colors and your choice of either a shiny crystal or silky matte finish. That's 15 different ways to deck out your camera and separate it from the rest of the pack.

"The K-30 already offers great features, such as dust and weather sealing, the 100% field of view viewfinder and dual control dials that are only found in more expensive cameras," says marketing manager John Carlson. "By adding additional color choices, the K-30 now appeals to an even wider array of customers who are looking for exciting, personalized options in their digital camera"

Colors now available for the K-30 are Crystal Black, Crystal Bordeaux, Crystal Green, Crystal Red, Crystal Silver, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange, Silky Blue, Silky Bordeaux, Silky Green, Silky Red, Silky Silver, Silky White, Silky Yellow and Silky Orange. While some might be a little ostentatious for photographers looking to keep a low profile, that Crystal Bordeaux is too slick not to consider.

Head on over to the Pentax website to see the full press release.