The NY Daily News is Cutting ALL its Photographers

The NY Daily News just got rid of all ten of its remaining staff photographers and two of the remaining photo editors after the newspaper experienced massive layoffs last week.

There's not a single photographer that's currently employed by the Daily News. This is a big deal. The Daily News has been around for 99 years, and in the time frame has become not only a staple of the city but led the way for daily tabloid journalism.

This is the paper that wasn't afraid to get into the dirt of the city and post about crime and corruption. Regardless of what you think of the paper, they've won 11 Pulitzer prizes since the company's inception. In fact, they were nominated just eight years ago for 'Pulitzer Prize finalist in Breaking News Photography' for its photo coverage of the US Airways plane that landed in the Hudson. Photos like this.

daily news hudson.jpg

The Daily News was just sold last year to Tronc for a single dollar. It may seem like a deal, but Tronc had to assume the Daily News massive pension liabilities as part of the sale. Which may be the reason for the massive cuts.

Newspapers have been struggling for years. Though some like the Washington Post have made great strides in returning to profitability. It's harder for everyone else to stay in business when we live in a 24-hour news cycle in the presence of social media.

Editor in Chief Jim Rich was also let go and he tweeted:

"If you hate democracy and think local governments should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you."

For a paper that was so known for photography and its ways of enticing buyers with its sensational front page images, this is quite a shock.

The NPPA writes:

"Marcus Santos was hired five years ago at the Daily News and was the last staff photographer to be brought on. Previously, he had been the house photographer for Lehman Brothers and was on the trading floor in 2008 the day that financial services firm filed for bankruptcy. The anxiety and sadness for employees at Lehman were similar to this time at the Daily News.

"We thought it was going to be another layoff," Santos said of the Daily News meeting Monday morning. They presumed some of them would survive, especially since the photo department had earnings from reprint sales. "We were the only department making money for them," he said.

Santos noted that the identity of the newspaper is tied to its photography and losing all of the staff photographers was not expected.

"Look at the logo of the Daily News - it's a camera!" Santos said."

daily news logo with arrow.png

Indeed, the logo for the paper is a camera. Perhaps they should consider changing it.

Source: NPPA