The Next Great Photo Can Happen at Any Moment

A few weeks ago a volunteer member of the advance team for President Trump stuck his hand in front of a photojournalists lens at a rally in Indiana as the journalist was trying to take a photo of a protestor. And instead of trying to hide an issue, it exposed one. 

Evan Vucci, Chief Photographer in Washington for the associated press took the picture at the top of this article and the whole thing is kind of comical. Here we have a photo of someone trying to prevent someone from taking a photo. That volunteer drew more attention to the issue by basically screaming "hey don't look at that."

We live in a world where there's so much media and so much noise precisely because everyone has a camera. There's nothing you can hide anymore. Besides the fact it's deplorable, the idea of trying to censor someone at a rally is futile. 

Photographers like Evan Vucci have become famous for taking photos just like that. It's a perfect embodiment of the times we live in. It captures not so much the rally's purpose, but what it's like to be in America right now. These are divisive times and the best photos in history are able to capture moments like that. Now, I'm not saying that the image above is up there with the best photos in history, but it paints a picture of our society clearer than any essay could. 

If you're an aspiring photographer, these are moments you pray for. To capture something that truly embodies our society. 

The staffer was let go and no one from the Trump administration approved his behavior, saying it was a mistake. Even if it was a mistake, that picture says so much about how people try to control information so that they're perceived in only the ways that they want you to see them. 

So, keep your camera sharp, for your next photo could inspire more than a few likes. 

Source: Evan Vucci