The New Record for World's Largest Photo - 71 Gigapixels

World Record.jpg

Remember a few months back when Kolor and a few others put together a 25 gigapixel photo of Paris?  It was impressive, though shortly after it happened, a 45 gigapixel photo of Dubai made it look small by comparison.

The newest number for the record books is 71 gigapixels.  A team called 360world put together this absolutely staggering panoramic shot of Budapest that you could easily get lost in for hours. 

Take a look at the fully zoomed out picture.  It's a hillside with a city in the background, nothing too shocking here.  But once you start zooming in, you'll get more detail.  You can find skydivers in mid flight, children at play, and even a man on top of what looks like a radio tower - a radio tower that's barely visible until you start zooming.

The full picture would be over 150 meters wide, and will almost certainly never be printed in its full size.  The Erzs├ębet lookout station, which is where the photo was taken from, will host a 15 meter wide print.