The New Huawei P20 Flagship Phone Has Three Cameras!

huawei p20 prototype.jpg
(Photo from: Ronald Quandt)

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is about to launch their new flagship phone line of P20 phones, the P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite on March 27.

Based on early leaked photos, Apple's iPhone X notch is invading other companies as well. If imitation is the best form of flattery, then Apple should be used to being the most flattered company in the world. Say what you will about them, everyone who says that they have a better phone or camera or laptop wouldn't be pushing the boundaries of what's possible if it wasn't for Apple's innovations. Now Huawei, besides putting that notch on the front of their powerhouse of a smartphone is trying to one-up Apple by putting three cameras on the back of their P20 pro instead of two. 

I feel like smartphone cameras are becoming like the razor wars of the early 2000s. 
The P20 pro will have a triple Leica lens set up which is interesting on its own. When a company pays to use Leica glass and pays to have the logo on its body, they want the world to know that they're serious about their cameras. We don't quite know yet what that extra lens brings to the table, but here's a video from Huawei that suggests it could have something to do with light or selfies... or both.


Huawei has really come out of nowhere in the last ten years going from an upstart smartphone manufacturer trying to compete with Apple and Samsung, to now selling more phones per year than everyone except Samsung. That's right Huawei sells more phones than Apple does. Interestingly enough there isn't a single model that they sell that sells more than an Apple model, but collectively, they're now the number two smartphone maker in the world. Imagine where they'd be if they'd put four cameras on a phone? I guess we'll all find out on March 27th. 

Source: T3