The Most Impressive Homemade Macro Setup Ever

Homemade Macro Rig.jpg
We have highlighted a few cool DIY projects in the past, but the macro photography rig used by a Belgian photographer known as Fotoopa.

The full setup he uses includes a Canon D200 with a mechanical shutter attached, a few lasers, two flashes and a custom made metal harness.  The total weight of the unit is around eighteen pounds, though the harness looks fairly comfortable.

Rather than sitting and waiting for that perfect shot and hoping he's able to get it, Fotopa's macro harness detects when an insect comes into frame and automatically snaps a picture.  The rig works during the day or at night, though it does require a bit of alteration for night use.

Full schematics and instructions are available on Fotopa's Flickr account, as well as some shots of the unit in use.   He regularly updates his rig, and is now delving into 3D photography as well.  He's also got hundreds of fantastic shots of insects in flight taken with his custom rig.