The Minimo - a Tiny, Trippy Double Exposure Camera

Minimo.jpgIt's easy to get caught up in having the latest and greatest cameras, lenses and accessories to fill out your kit. That tunnel vision can have you missing out on some fun though, and isn't fun one of the reasons we started taking photographs in the first place?

The Minimo is a camera that has little, if any, practical purpose. It offers only a 3.2 megapixel sensor and video resolution of 640x480 and there are no manual settings for getting your picture just right. But it's not about all that - it's about fun.

What the Minimo does is give you the ability to capture two exposures on one frame without having to play around in Photoshop. It has a kind of lo-fi (retro) look as well, which pairs nicely with the unique photo style. It's a great effect and this compact camera is easy to whip out whenever you feel the need.

The Minimo will run you $130 from Photojojo.