The Loupedeck, a Photo Editing Console for Everyone

The Loupedeck editing console is another great product funded by Kickstarter investors who had a need for something that didn't exist. A physical photo editing console that works with specifically with Adobe Lightroom to give you physical buttons to tweak your still images. 

Why has this not existed until now? This is a perfect example of a professional 'trickle down' effect. Up until recently, fine tuning and mixing boards were primarily made for two purposes, mixing audio, and color correcting film and video. Both of which were exorbitantly expensive and only something professionals and the mega rich could afford. They were also huge.

Here's a new Neve audio board.


And here's what a Black Magic Film/Video color correction console can look like.

Black magic board.jpg

See? Huge. But there's a reason professionals use these boards, it allows you focus on the music or the moving images by knowing where the controls are and not having to look at them. You can pay attention to the product, not the process. Black Magic kind of started catering to the home market last year when then decided to sell cheaper miniature versions of their boards that still had functionality, and more importantly analog nobs and dials. 

control-panels-md davinci.jpg
But why hasn't there been a console specifically created for Lightroom? Anyone who has ever edited a stack of photos knows it can be a slog, and having to click around to futz with the color or contrast and add filters can get old really quickly. But when all those controls are linked to separate analog buttons, something happens. It's more tactile, you can turn up and down the color by twisting a knob instead of sliding a bar with a mouse. Why is that better? Because you don't have to take your eyes off the image. Once you know where your presets are on the board, you can twist and turn and dial up or down the image, stopping when it looks right to your eye, not staring at saturation lines.

loupdeck-portrait-02-1327x747.jpgLoupedeck doesn't require the use of a keyboard or mouse when you're editing and it's compatible with either Mac or PC. Their site says "Each of Loupedeck's buttons, dials and sliders correspond exactly to Lightroom's interface. Pro or beginner, achieving the perfect edit quickly becomes second nature. Put the fun back into photo editing"

And that's true. When you have buttons in front of you that do specific tasks, everything can be streamlined. You don't have to click around looking for levels or gamma, it's all there. 

If you're a professional photographer who takes thousands of images daily, this is a product that could very well not only save you time but bring joy back to the grueling slog that is photo editing. 

Loupdeck is available to purchase now for $299.00 at B&H.