The Law (in Plain English) For Photographers

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'The Law (in Plain English) For Photographers' is a book that, as you might have guessed, details photography law in simple terms.  There' no legal mumbo jumbo, just nice plain English.

But it's not a guide to getting out of legal entanglements.  It's a guide on not getting into them in the first place. "Much of the material in this volume is intended to enlighten photographers so that legal problems can be avoided," says Leonard D. DuBoff, one of the authors of the book.

This is the third edition of the book, and it contains some important updates.  There are new laws that were brought into being after 9/11 regarding the photography of "sensitive" locations.  There's plenty to know about publicity laws protecting the rights of famous people, even after their death.

It's also got information on censorship, privacy rights, different forms you'll need and even some examples of relevant cases.  You can pick up 'The Law (in Plain English) For Photographers' now for an MSRP of $24.95. ($16.47 on Amazon)