The iPad 2 Camera Isn't Getting Much Use According to Flickr

iPad2-flickr.jpgWhen the iPad 2 was launched, one of the most talked about new features was the addition of cameras to the device. A large touchscreen device with a camera built right in opens up a whole world of possibilities, but the low resolution of the camera and awkward shooting position makes snapping photos with the iPad 2 fairly unappealing.

According to stats from Flickr, around 4,500 iPhone 4 users upload pictures every day. Over 5,000 iPhone 3G and 3GS users upload daily. The site even registers an average of 446 iPod Touch uploaders a day.

When it comes to the iPad 2 though, a mere 23 users upload photos per day on average. That's a ridiculously low number, especially considering an install base of over one million users.

(via CrunchGear)