The Inflatable Photo Studio is Unique if Nothing Else

Inflatale Photo Studio.jpgYou come across some strange and interesting things when looking through photography accessories, like laser scopes for cameras and aperture watches, but this is one of the weirdest. The Inflatable Photo Studio (IPS) is exactly what it sounds like - a large inflatable area for taking photos.

The IPS can be had in sizes of 20x12x12 or 12x7x7 and is designed for use when you need a photo studio on the go. In the demo video that you can find on the IPS website, a photographer sets up the portable studio on a sidewalk.

It's an incredibly niche product, and the website doesn't offer much hope for customer service, stating that returns are only accepted five days after receiving the IPS and offering tips like "use common sense" when relating to light setup and dealing with the weather. It also says that in case of collapse "if you suffer from a rare disease that causes you to run in slow motion this may not be the product for you."