The Good & The Bad: Hands-On with the Nikon Z7

Hey folks, we're almost done wrapping up our in-depth testing of the new Nikon Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera system. But in the meantime, we wrote up two blog posts over on the darkroom to highlight five features where Nikon succeeded... And five ways we think Nikon could improve the Z7 via future firmware updates and/or ways that Nikon could improve its new Z-mount camera bodies in future generations.

For the TLDR folks, we think the Nikon Z7 is a heck of a camera. It's rugged and fits nicely in the hand. It's quick to use and operate. And it's the best dual-purpose camera Nikon's ever made. If you're a Nikon shooter who divides his or her time between still photography and videography, you'll want to pick one of these, or the forthcoming Z6, up soon. However, when compared directly to the Nikon D850, the camera's AutoFocus system and sensor give the DSLR a slight edge for shooting still images with shallow depth-of-field or in times when you need to recover a ton of shadow details. We also think that Sony's A7RIII and A7III AF systems are a touch better thanks to Sony's outstanding EyeAF which, again, helps when you're shooting wide open at F2.8 or above.

More soon!