The First American Pentax Store Opens in New York City


Pentax has officially opened the doors on its new store in New York City.  It may not be the first Pentax store in the world, but it's certainly the first one in the US.

You don't see too many brand specific stores around these days.  The Apple Store and Sony Style are common enough, but that's about it.  Pentax hopes that the new location will help separate its products from the rest of the pack.

"Whether you're a devoted Pentaxian or simply considering Pentax for the very first time," explains Ned Bunnell, president of Pentax, "our mission is to offer every visitor a thorough, hands-on experience."

The boutique is located inside of Willoughby's Camera, the oldest camera emporium in the city.  Customers will be able to go hands-on with the latest Pentax models as well as other Pentax products like lenses, binoculars and scopes.