The CompactFlash Association Announces CF5.1 Specifications

Compact Flash-specs.gif

It may not seem like much, but if you're using CF cards on a regular basis, the new specifications from the CompactFlash Association (CFA) show that some big things are in the works.

The first item on the list is probably the most obvious.  There's a new mode - Ultra DMA 167 - that works at higher speeds while still offering full backwards compatibility.  Cards will be clocking in at speeds of up to 167 megabytes per second.

Mandatory Write Caching won't make a huge difference to still photographers, but it will add a significant improvement to the performance of the cards when shooting video.

The Sanitize feature is a new one too.  It enables the cards to be put back into a fresh state when the data is deleted or the card is repurposed, meaning you won't experience any performance slowdowns over time.

Finally, there will be measures put in place for cards to list compatible temperatures.  It's not a big deal for the average photographer, but if you're shooting in extreme heat or extreme cold, you want to know you've got a card that can handle it.