The Challenges and Rewards of Shooting in an Ice Hotel

Uzair "Oz" Kharawala of SF Photo School recently posted an amazing account of his experience shooting in a Swedish ice hotel, which is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a hotel made entirely out of ice.

The photographs of the event are fantastic, but there were a lot of challenges to overcome.  For starters, the entire event - a wedding - took place in just two hours.  "Unlike a traditional wedding of say 8 hours," he says, "there is even more pressure on being organised and getting the shots which I've been paid for."

Flash, of course, was a concern.  The ice hotel is really a marvelous thing to see, and the lighting inside is anything but traditional.  "Flash is one of the most creative pieces of kit you have in your camera bag," writes Oz, "Use it correctly and you'll get some amazing results."  Use it wrong and you'll see quite the opposite.

Capturing the beauty of the surroundings while still getting great wedding photos was difficult, but Oz says it all comes down to flash technique.  "Balancing the ambient light with flash is the key to getting really good shots."

You can find more of his pictures, and details about his camera, lens and flash selection at SF Photo School.