The Canon Wonder - The Hot New Camera For 2030


Canon took some time at the Shanghai Expo 2010 to show off a concept camera called the Canon Wonder.  The call it the camera of the future and are estimating around a 20 year wait before something like it is ready.

So what does the Wonder do?  It's got almost perfectly stable image stabilization, it shoots at an unthinkable resolution, and it can handle images from the macro to the telephoto with a swipe of the zoom. The increased resolution means that you can zoom in when taking the photo or when editing pictures at home.

There's also no need to worry about taking still images.  Canon says that each frame will always be in focus, so you'll be able to pick out whatever image you need from a recorded video.

Of course, the Wonder is just a concept, and its main purpose is to judge consumer and critical response.  It does bring up interesting questions about the future of still photography.  It's interesting to think about, but with the Wonder still decades off, it's not going to be an issue anytime soon.