The Canon EOS 60Da - A DSLR For Astronomy Fans

60Da.jpgIt's been seven years since the release of the EOS 20Da and Canon has finally announced a followup. The EOS 60Da introduces quite a few improvements over the older model, including an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, stepping up from the 8.2 megapixels of the 20Da.

The EOS 60Da packs a 3.0 inch LCD screen that flips out, giving you an easy view of the stars even while the camera is mounted to a telescope. If you want to step it up further, you're able to use a stereo AV cable to hook the camera up to a TV or projector to see in even more detail.

Canon has also added enhanced noise reduction which gives you quite a bit more freedom with ISO settings and in improved infrared blocking filter to give hydrogen-alpha light sensitivity three times higher than traditional DSLRs.

The EOS 60Da is available to order through specialty dealers at a price of $1,449 and will be available this month.