The Cam Crate Keeps Your Camera Safe From Pretty Much Everything

CamCrate.jpgPhotographer Matt Geyster had a problem. When he went out and about shooting he didn't have anything he could keep his camera in that would keep everything nice and safe. He needed something waterproof, mud proof, shock proof camera case that's also simple to clean. To solve the problem, he simply made his own.

The Cam Crate is a case that's made to withstand all the elements. It keeps your camera safe in almost any situation and even floats in water so you can't lose your camera at the bottom of a lake. The Cam Crate is made out of a composite material that is, according to Geyster, "virtually indestructible."

You can swing on over to Kickstarter to see more about the Cam Crate and back it if you like what you see. $50 gets you a Cam Crate while $100 gets you a special edition version.