The 50 Dollar Follow Focus on Kickstarter

Follow Focus.jpg"All we wanted was an affordable way to adjust the focus on our DSLRs in a precise, repeatable manner," writes Wiley Davis, creator of the 50 Dollar Follow Focus. "We wanted a device that performed solidly and intuitively and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on it since we'd rather spend our hard-earned dollars on more lenses or food and beer for the underpaid crews on our low-budget shoots. But such a follow focus didn't exist, until we made one, that is."

The result is called the 50 Dollar Follow Focus (FDFF) and it's currently set up on Kickstarter for funding. The funding goal of $10,000 has been met and exceeded with a total of $28,871 going towards the project at the time of this writing. That doesn't mean you can't still get in on the action though.

A donation of $60 will get you in on the first batch of 50 Dollar Follow Focuses - you get to pick one in the color of your choice. The extra $10 will go to cover shipping costs. If you go above and beyond that you can get multiple FDFFs and even a clip-on handlebar moustache.