The 41 MP Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone Comes to the US July 8th


It's rare that we'll talk about the release of a cell phone on Steve's Digicams, but there are times where it just can't be avoided.  Apple releases fall under that category of course, and so does the new Nokia 808 PureView, which is finally coming to the US.

What separates the 808 PureView from the competition is a camera with an absolutely ridiculous 41 MP sensor.  The camera takes that information and compresses the picture into a five megapixel size.  Of course, if you prefer larger, you can capture shots at up to 38 MP.

You can get your hands on what Gizmodo calls "A Really Great Camera With an Infuriating Phone Attached," on July 8th, when it's released at $699 on Amazon.