TG-5 - Meet the New Olympus Tough Series Flagship

Here's a fantastic engineering choice. In order for Olympus to elevate the image quality of their new flagship Tough Series flagship -- the TG-5 -- they reduced the number of megapixels from 16MP to 12MP. In simplest terms, this means improved fine details at all ISO levels, an expanded ISO range, cleaner images in darker conditions (ala diving and snorkeling), as well as more manageable file sizes.

Honestly, this is such a simple and true idea -- the fewer megapixels you squeeze onto a small sensor, the better the image. Yet, far too many companies chase the megapixel wars where marketing teams shout More = Better.

More megapixels can be better, sure. But in these smaller sensors, it almost always results in more noise, despite ever-improving image processing.

So kudos to Olympus for focusing on QUALITY rather than marketing!

Speaking of which, in addition to the new 12MP CMOS image sensor, Olympus went and stuffed the OM-D E-M1 Mark II's TruePic VII image processor into this camera along with a sharp F.20 HS lens and some new action track sensor and improved rugged construction. It can also shoot 4K UHD videos OR high-speed slow motion videos at lower resolutions.

In other words, Olympus took the TG-4 and revised it with features from the TG Tracker and E-M1ii. Pretty cool, right?

The new Tough TG-5 will be available in June in red or black (same as last year) for $449.99, but if you want a full run down on specification and features, please check out our


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