Target Now Matches Camera Prices with Best Buy and Amazon

Target.jpgIt seemed like all the big news this week would be coming out of Las Vegas, but Target has just announced a new policy that may make the store worth checking out for your camera needs. Since camera specialty stores are becoming few and far between, most shopping is either done at big box locations or online. In fact, frequently the shopping is done in stores while the actual purchasing takes place online. Amazon is usually cheaper and much easier to work with in the case of returns.

Over the holidays, Best Buy put a price matching policy in place that would allow them to compete with Amazon, but it was only a temporary arrangement. Target's new policy will allow you to price match all year round, and they'll give you seven days since the time of your purchase to do it. If you want your camera now and you don't want to deal with shipping, Target may be just the place to get it.

(via PetaPixel