Tamron Launches Their My Travel Exhibit Photo Contest and the Winner of the Winter Photo Contest

Tamron-Winter Exhibit-Winner2012.jpgTamron's MyPhotoExhibits virtual gallery has been the host to quite a few contests since its inception, and the latest is geared right for the summer. Titled "My Travel Exhibit," the contest asks for photos themed around travel, though the interpretation of just what that means is up to you.

The winner of the competition will earn their choice between five Tamron lenses as well as a featured spot on the Tamron site. Things kick off on June 1st with a deadline of September 30th.

Alongside the new contest announcement, they also announced the winner of the "My Winter Exhibit" contest; a photographer named Anna Meidinger. The exhibit, "Horses in the Snow" is just what it sounds like, and was chosen as the winner by pro photographer Andre Constantini.