Tamron Launches a MyPhotoExhibits App for iPad

Tamron-iOS-app.jpgTamron's MyPhotoExhibits is a site that handles photo sharing and browsing in a unique and interesting way. Rather than just showing the photos flat on a page, your shots can be arranged in a gallery like virtual exhibit.

Tamron already had an iPhone app in place that lets you browse MyPhotoExhibits, but now you can really show off your pictures thanks to the brand new iPad app. You've got a nice, big, easy to use touchscreen to work with, making it much easier to get your friends involved in the browsing.

Of course, MyPhotoExhibits isn't just about showing off your own work. You can scan through other exhibits, people's galleries and mark your favorites for future viewing. You can even follow photographers whose work you want to see regularly. The one thing you can't do though - and hopefully it will come in a future update - is create your own gallery.

Download the MyPhotoExhibits app free in iTunes.